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A professional betting system and correct money management when you are betting will help you improve your overall casino betting results. Also remember we always recommend you practice in casino free play mode before you start using a casino betting system with real money. We want you to win!

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Management of Casino Betting Money

Correct money management will improve your overall casinobetting results, so notice should be taken of the professional betting systems and strategies below. Read well below and try to practice in different casino practice modes and in different betting websites before you start betting with real money.

You will find a couple that you like but before you put them into practice for real money, we suggest you visit one of the online casino's to try it out for free and be sure you are happy with the results prior to gambling.

We suggest you only play at real proven casinos such as here where our casino betting systems work well.


The simplest and widest-used systems, an

d one you may already have heard of or used in the past. Begin your session with a fixed bet and whenever you lose, double your bet. Continue your doubling until you win a hand and you will recoup all lost bets in one hand. Then begin again with your initial fixed bet. There are two problems with this system;

  • You need a large pot of money in case your losing streak is a long one
  • Casino's have a wager limit (the maximum bet) that wil stop a player increasing their bets indefinitely

"Reverse Martingdale"

Simply the reverse of the above system. Begin your session with a fixed bet and whenever you win, double your bet.


Named after the eighteenth century theorist Jean d’Alembert. He reasoned that if a fair coin landed on heads for a long run, that tails was more probable. In his system, you raise your bet by a fixed amount if you lose and lower it by a fixed amount, if you win. It may look like this in practice: bet 1, lose and bet 2, win and bet 1, lose and bet 2, lose and bet 3, lose again, bet 4, win, bet 3, ad infinitum

"Reverse D'Alembert"

The reverse of the "D'Alembert" system. This system adds or subtracts a fixed sum depending on whether the previous bet was a win or loss. Adds the sum for a winner and subtracts the sum for a loser.

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"Progressive Betting"

Begin with an initial fixed bet. Each time you win your wager you will increase the current bet by that initial amount. Every time you lose you will bet the current amount minus the initial fixed bet. As long as you are winning you will continue to raise your bets and when you start losing you will bet the same bets but in a descending order.

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