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Backgammon Tips

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Backgammon Tips

Before you start to play Backgammon...

  • Set your financial limits, profit or loss. Decide how much you are prepared to win or lose at Backgammon and stick to that limit.
  • Don't gamble money that you can't afford to lose.
  • Read the terms of the Backgammon site prior to starting to play. Check the maximum bets and maximum payouts.
  • Check that the backgammon site is well respected and "real".

When you sit down ...

  • Practice playing Backgammon at the site BEFORE you play for money. This will get you used to how the system runs when you play Backgammon prior to you losing out. Gammon Empire is the place we believe to be the best for online backgammon. Click here to find out why.
  • Don't drink alcohol or take drugs while you are playing backgammon for money. These things can seriously impair your judgement, as can continuing to bet on games when you are tired or ill.
  • Don't gamble all your money on one hand unless you are prepared to lose it.
  • Don't be greedy, if you make a big win then lose it all again then this is a sign of greed.
  • Overall winnings is what is important when you play backgammon or any other similar game. If you have made a loss in one session don't try to play the game until you have win your money back, there's always tomorrow.

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We recommend you read the following book to progress your backgammon game to the next level;

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Book: "Backgammon for Serious Players"
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Backgammon Tips and how to play backgammon here

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