how to play baccarat online
how to play baccarat online

Online Baccarat is a real favourite with some casino players. Baccarat is a card game with three popular variants. Now you can play Baccarat Online FREE! The casinos we recommend have agreed to give you free baccarat money so you can learn how to play baccarat online - maybe you could become the next professional baccarat player!

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Baccarat Play Online

Many casinos now offer online baccarat as one of their major games, this is due to the fact that baccarat is seen to be more of an upmarket game played in historically upper class houses after dinner thus some of the players can have a decent bankroll to lose - this is good particularly as some of these players do not have the dedication to learn the game well and therefore are often easy targets.

Because of the above rich pickings many casinos offer all players an excellent bonus to join them but also free play baccarat so you can learn the game and their software.

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Start Playing Baccarat

We always recommend that whatever game you intend to play you should go to the casinos with the best software, security and most importantly honesty - there are dodgy casinos out there where you can play baccarat online and deposit real funds but when you win their systems appear unable to pay you out - we recommend proven honest casinos so you'll be safe.

Once you click through to your chosen casino you will need to download their secure software and install it - do not worry about this as this is the best way to ensure your security.

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Before you start to play Baccarat

  • Baccarat is NOT a game of probability and prediction, all cards dealt from the shoe are random.

  • If you are having "a bad day" then don't continue to play by risking large amounts of money to get regain your loss - trying to do this will only worsen things when it does not come off as you hope. Leave it for another, hopefully "better" day.

  • Take a look at the "Online Baccarat Tips" baccarat betting page for details on betting systems.

  • Don't bet on the tie - the odds are more against you as the player.

The Casino Tips Group "Go with the flow" Tip

Take a note of the Baccarat hands played and "Go with the flow"

Although the Baccarat is a game of chance, in "The Casino Tips Group" research we found it sometimes quite profitable to "play the trend" of the cards - i.e. if you spot a trend such as the ones listed below then try to get in line with it ...

Below (P) represents Player win, (B) represents Banker Win, (T) represents Tie in order as recorded whilst playing ...

Hand Winner List
B, P, P, B, T, B, P, T, T
No Flow
B, P, B, P, B, P, P, B, P
An almost alternating Flow
P, P, P, P, B, B, B, T, P,
Group Flow

As with all casino games the best way to learn how to play baccarat is to simply play free baccarat through one of our recommended casinos.

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We suggest you play baccarat online and learn the rules of baccarat by playing for free here

strategy of baccarat

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